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Christian Counseling: Spilling the Tea on All Things About Dating Relationships

In christian counseling, there are sessions for couples in romantic relationships. In some cases, the church sets up group therapy for members who are courting or dating. Sometimes couples, while dating, seek a third-party opinion to know if they are on the right path.

Christian counseling as regards dating relationships uses the Bible as a guide. God is the center of the relationship during Christian dating. Christian counseling helps couples in dating relationships solve their challenges and respect each other using the Bible.

Christian counseling preaches about setting your mind on things that are of God. So couples should put God as the center of their relationship. Sometimes the families of both couples are involved, and the parent of both couples are the first counselors.

While dating, there are some questions couples need to ask themselves and answer. These questions include:

  • Is marriage for me?

  • How do I break up with someone if I am not interested in dating them?

  • What kind of partner do I want?

  • What can I bring to the table?

  • What should I expect from my partner?

These questions can go on and on, and they can be more. But through Christian counseling, you will be able to gain the knowledge of yourself to truthfully answer these questions. It is easy for couples to have a Christian dating relationship; all they need to do is keep up with their Christian beliefs.

Importance Of Going for Counseling During Christian Dating

Christian dating is supposed to lead to marriage, so while the couple is courting their way into getting married, they are to seek counseling from either a church counselor who serves as an adviser or church leader or go to a psychologist/counselor who is into Christian counseling.

Here is the importance of counseling during Christian dating:

  • Putting God first: God is the higher authority whose words will bring peace and joy to couples who are in a relationship. This will serve as a reminder that God is with us.

  • Using the holy book as a guide: Christian counseling uses the bible as a guide in performing sessions. The Bible will help guide the decisions of both couples.

  • Believing and speaking the truth: Christian counseling believes in the truth and will encourage both couples to speak the truth to each other. The truth should be based on the principles of the Bible.

  • Helps in achieving high goals: a high goal, which can be God at the center of marriage, is the essence of Christian counseling on relationships. Also trying to communicate better in relationships and marriage.

  • Healing: during the relationship or dating if there is any form of toxicity, the counselor will help couples heal by bringing them closer to the word of God.

  • Christian counseling brings hope: Christian counseling session brings hope for the future. Hope to enjoy eternity with your partner in heaven.

Christian counselors do not overlook the spiritual aspect of dating. This is because the Bible gives insight into psychology, physical, and spiritual activities. These three foci of Christian counseling bring wealth and happiness to a Christian relationship.

Factors That Can Prevent Couples from Coming To Counseling?

Not all Christian partners in a Christian relationship want to come for counseling. Some prefer to keep the relationship private till when they know the direction of the relationship. Although that is a wise decision, especially when you don’t want a third party yet.

Still, some factors affect couples dating to come for counseling sessions. Here are some of the factors that prevent partners in Christian relationships from coming for a counseling session:

  • Trust: trust is a common hindrance for couples to come for Christian counseling. They feel their adviser or counselor will discuss what had been said during the session with their parents or church members. So Christian counselors should uphold the secrecy rule.

  • Clarity: not all couples are clear about their expectations in the relationship, or what the Bible says about dating, and they do not know how to come out and seek a second opinion.

  • Societal norms: when it comes to Christian dating, there are some societal norms that society believes every couple should adhere to, like visiting and spending the night, but the Christian doctrine does not support this norm. If couples do this they will be ashamed to come for counseling.

  • Cost: therapy can be expensive, and Christian therapy is no different. Although the church might be subsidized for their members private organizations have fares that might be too expensive for couples who might want a session.

  • No unity: sometimes one partner will want to come for therapy while the other will decline. There is no unity when it comes to the spiritual and psychological well-being of the relationship. In other cases, if the couples attend a session, one of the partners will not participate in the session.

These factors are quite common. Christian couples should understand why they are in the relationship, and they should watch out for the spiritual advantage of their relationship. If they are clear on what they want, then there will be no hindrance towards coming for counseling.

Rules About Dating During a Christian Counseling

There are certain rules in dating when for Christians, and if you are going to a church for counseling, then you must adhere to these rules, but private organizations are more lenient.

Whatever the rules are, you must discuss them with your partner and agree. The agreement should be one that will improve both your spiritual and psychological growth.

Here are some dating rules Christian couples are meant to follow:

  • It is essential to court or date before marriage.

  • Date someone who you can lean on.

  • Date someone who believes in God.

  • If you are not ready to date someone, then do not do it.

  • Always communicate by taking action instead of reacting

  • You are allowed to take your time in making any decision, remember it is only dating not a life sentence like marriage.

  • Have goals and discuss them.

  • If you are confused about dating, start with friendship.

  • Never give up on your faith or belief.

  • Seek professional help when it is necessary.

  • Speak to each other with respect, care, and love.

  • Avoid copying social media kind of relationships, most of them are not real.

Not all Christian couples will like these rules, but they are simply quite relatable. The rules are practical and will bring a lot of respect and spiritual growth into the relationship. If you do not understand your relationship path, pause for a while and have that difficult talk with your partner before seeking counseling.

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