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How Creative Life Skills Can Boost Mental Well-Being

Life skills are known as soft skills, and they are acquired by exposing your mind to all forms of creativity that life has to offer. If you possess three or more life skills, chances are your mental well-being will be stable.

Creativity helps sharpen the life skills we have today. This is because, without a creative mindset, we would not know how to cope with the issues of life. Also, without creativity, we cannot know the type of life skill that is needed to help solve a certain life challenge that is affecting our mental well-being.

Looking at creativity as a way to hone some life skills will mean thinking outside the box in any given situation. This means the ability to structure, organize, and think is also part of a creative life skill needed to balance our mental well-being.

Now, life skills gotten through creative reasoning are for all ages. Children should be watched closely when they are being creative, as this will help boost their mental well-being and also cultivate the proper life skills needed for survival on this earth. Parents should help channel the creativity of their children into something that will help them in life, other than making money out of their children’s creativity.

It will interest you to know that creative students excel well in school. They are organized; they answer questions in class because they think outside the box; they excel in sports, and their mental well-being is very stable.

Most business organizations will hire more creative people to run areas like human resources, design, product management, web developers, marketing, etc.

There are exercises you can engage in that can boost your creativity. In terms of exercises that can increase creativity, these include brainstorming, playing with colorful materials, and writing your thoughts (journaling).

Attributes Of People Who Have Life Skills from Creative Activities

There are certain attributes or characteristics that creative people have. These characteristics can be found in everyone, but you will need to discover them for yourself. I definitely think that everyone is capable of being creative. It is just that you have either not tapped into it or are using your creativity wrongly.

If you do not know if you have a creative mindset yet, here are some attributes of a creative person. If you have more than three of these attributes, you might just be a genius.

  • Having an open mind: creative people are very open-minded. They are flexible in their thinking, and they accept criticism and work on it. They are also open to new ideas as they refresh their memories. If you are a creative person, you would like to create and work through new ideas.

  • Best communicator: being with a creative person will expose you to easy ways of communicating. They are clear and consistent with their words. They are adept at saying the correct thing at the appropriate moment. They are also good at communicating with teams.

  • Good listeners: creative people are active listeners. They are the best CEOs, team heads, or managers in an organization. They listen before speaking, and they try to grasp the intentional meaning of what they have heard.

  • Risk takers: to be able to take risks is to be a person who is not afraid of failure. Risk-takers are very creative; they need to explore if the new ideas pitched to them can work. Taking risks can be a blessing or a lesson, whichever way, you get to benefit from them as a creative person.

  • Avoid comfort zone: To be a creative person, you must constantly put pressure on yourself to achieve your goals. They try to build resilience that will toughen their guts for any challenges ahead.

These are some of the common attributes of a creative person. In some cases, someone has to confirm that you have exhibited any of these attributes so that you can see that you are very creative.

Types Of Creative Life Skills That Boost Mental Well-Being

As we have said earlier, creativity can also contribute to the production of life skills. We all need life skills to be able to go through the daily challenges we face. Having quality life skills boost your mental well-being and prevents you from experiencing mental health challenges such as anxiety, stress, or depression. It also helps improve your physical well-being and your relationships with others.

Here are examples of life skills everyone should have as a result of being creative:

  • Self-awareness life skill: this is a very important life skill, and I believe everyone should have great knowledge about themselves. You should be able to identify your dislikes and likes, goals and aspirations, and values. Self-awareness skills will make you respect yourself and encourage others to respect you.

  • Coping life skill: the reason we can do most activities even though we do not feel like it, is because we have, over time, developed a coping mechanism. Coping skills help you manage your emotions, thoughts, and feelings as you go through life's struggles.

  • Endurance life skill: with the way the world is going, no one wants to endure anything. Some people do not know that to be successful in life, you will need a high level of endurance, and you will need to persevere when you experience some setbacks. Creative work sometimes does not go according to how we want it, so you need to be consistent in believing and continuously working on your idea that is where endurance comes in.

  • Relationship-building life skill: it is a necessity to build meaningful relationships so that life can be pleasant for us. Most of the time, relationship-building skills are undermined as people come out to say they are “self-made” or “independent”. No man is an island; we all need each other to survive. Having relationship-building skills is important for the sustainability of life.

  • Problem-solving life skill: this kind of skill will make people seek you out. It will also help reduce anxiety, worry, and stress in your daily activities. You will need to be a creative and critical thinker to have problem-solving life skills. Understanding situations and information will give birth to problem-solving as a life skill.


Having creative life skills can help boost an individual. It can help boost brain functions, especially when you want to solve a problem or make a decision. This will make your brain come alive. Creative life skills also help reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. It makes us happy and have a life of contentment; it also helps in participating in teamwork, improves physical health, and, above all, helps us understand ourselves more.

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