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How to heal from the effects of childhood emotional neglect.

Not healing from the effects of your childhood emotional neglect can influence and affect your building a relationship with other people as an adult.

Although experiencing emotional neglect is no fault of yours, it happens as a result of your parents failing to adequately respond to your emotional need as a child, but it becomes your responsibility to take steps to heal from this as an adult. If you will like to get past this and forge a new path;

  1. Reflect and acknowledge how you were emotionally neglected in your family and how it has affected you.

This can be done by asking questions like, was it one parent or both? Did your parents fail to respond to your emotions because they were struggling themselves? How did your parents being emotionally closed off affect you as a child, and how is it affecting you now? Understanding your emotional neglect on a deep level will free you from self-blame and shame, and validate your experience.

2. You have to pay attention to your feelings. Understand that they are valid and should be attended to.

3. Accept that your emotions are blocked off, but they are still there, waiting for you.

4. Be kind to yourself. Constantly develop and practice compassion for yourself.

5. Talk to someone about your childhood emotional neglect. Telling someone about your CEN will help you feel less burdened and alone.

6. Make space for any uncomfortable feelings that might be showing up for you.

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