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Employee Assistance Program(EAP) Service


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which was established specifically for employees, allows them to receive quick assistance for a variety of psychological disorders. JMore supports individuals in finding a work-life balance that enhances productivity and their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as in addressing any personal or professional concerns that may be impeding their ability to be productive at work.


Our employee assistance program (EAP) program explains the ways in which we will assist your employees in navigating difficult times, anxieties, and crises in their personal or professional lives.

JMore EAPs offer confidential counseling to help employees and their families deal with stress, mental illness, and other problems.

Our EAP services

Employees can get assistance from our EAP with a variety of personal and professional issues. For instance:

  • Our EAP service will help employees overcome personal worry, uncertainty, or fear

  • It is also targeted at helping them in their time of grief (death, mourning, separation, divorce)

  • This service will assist employee in dealing with problems with colleagues or worry at work

  • Addiction (e.g., drug abuse, gambling, smoking) 

  • Domestic Violence

  • Health Issues

  • Financial Difficulties

  • Retirement

  • This is not a complete collection. Everybody who has issues that interfere with their well-being and professional success is supported by our EAP.

  • Additionally, anyone who needs assistance helping someone else is welcome to use our EAP (colleague, friend or family member.)

Our EAP offers: 

  1. Training or Seminar

  2. Therapy, Counselling, and Treatment Services

  3. Coaching for Executives

  4. Group Coaching

  5. Mental Health Training Program

  6. Crisis/ Trauma Response

  7. Assessment of Employee Psychological Needs

  8. Others

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