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...Providing Therapy Services to Everyone.

About Us

We offer services in the United States and Nigeria.
US Clients

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our US Clients

Nigeria Clients

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Our Services

We provide the following services and more to our clients

  • Counseling / Therapy Services

  • Speaking & Training

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services

  • Coaching & Consulting

  • Virtual Counseling

  • Life Coaching

Counseling/ Therapy

We counsel individuals,

organizations, couples, family and anyone or any group. This offer this service to everyone

Recent Blog Posts

JMore Counseling & Consulting is a counseling and consulting firm owned by a Nigerian-American practitioner. JMore Counseling is passionate about mental health's effect on minorities and people of color due to the years of the unaddressed impact of traumatic experiences. JMore Counseling’s core values center on providing counseling, coaching, and educational services that empower individuals to move past their obstacles through intentional conversations and a renewed mind. JMore Counseling focuses on helping individuals understand their mind's impact on their development and how it influences their success while assisting individuals in learning how to reprogram their minds to become more resilient despite negative experiences. Addressing these factors equip individuals with concrete tools that can help them dismantle the transmission of traumatic experiences in their family line and generations to come.

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