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The Surprising Truth About Christian Counseling and More

Christian counseling is psychotherapy with Christian teaching. Christian counseling helps the spiritual welfare of a person by including faith-based practice and psychotherapy techniques during counseling sessions.

Spirituality and faith are the rocks on which Christian counseling is built. Christian counseling is very helpful for those who believe in and practice Christian spirituality and practices. Christians who are having challenges that are affecting their faith and growth in holiness need Christian counseling.

Using Christian practices during counseling does not erode the presence of science-based evidence in counseling; instead, it sides with morality, which is also part of scientific research in psychology.

In this regard, it is safe to say that counseling psychology has both Christian and scientifically evidence-based techniques that will help in managing psychological and spiritual challenges.

Christian counseling can address psychological or mental challenges like stress, depression, anxiety, or any other disorder.

A lot of people need to be made aware that some counseling organizations offer Christian counseling. It is because secular counseling is talked about and practiced more. But then secular counseling started with theology; the early church began with group counseling using empathy and love as their techniques.

Although Christian and secular counseling has their unique strategies, organizations offering therapy services sometimes offer both. Churches offer strictly Christian counseling. Nevertheless, Christian or secular counseling is based on the individual’s beliefs, emotional and psychological needs.

Christian counseling aims to provide help and support for the spiritual and psychological growth and healing of an individual.

What Is the Importance of Christian Counseling?

Inculcating Christianity into counseling helps build our mental well-being. Christian counseling helps free one from spiritual entanglement. For those who seek advice to strengthen their faith, Christian counseling is their gateway.

Here are reasons why Christian counseling will be good for you:

  • Reduces depression: Christian counseling through gratitude and soul-lifting preaching reduces depression and uplifts the soul.

  • Spiritual advice: attending church services alone is like group Christian counseling. But a one-on-one counseling session can give you in-depth spiritual advice.

  • Increases faith: Christian counseling uses faith-based techniques to increase faith and endurance in a person. Faith helps you be patient and makes you kind to yourself.

  • Reduces temptations: Christian counseling uses the Bible as a guide to help those rooted in sin fight temptations and conflicts.

  • Help live a fulfilled life: the purpose of counseling is to improve the standard of life so religious counseling preaches spirituality, piety, fortitude, and meditation to help fulfill God's purpose.

  • Grief healing: through Christian counseling, people who have lost a loved ones and are grieving will heal through hearing and understanding God’s work and what he has in store for them.

  • Solve marital issues: Christianity recognizes marriage as a sacred institution. Christian marriage counseling brings an understanding of prayer, communication, and responsibilities to married couples. This will help couples resolve issues conveniently together.

  • Bring the family together: like marriage, the Bible sees the family as a key factor of Christianity. With Christian counseling, family members know the key role they are to play in maintaining the family status quo. This is done by participating in church activities and practicing the Bible.

What Do You Learn During Christian Counseling?

There are different categories under Christian counseling, so you need to specify when booking a session. There is also a lot to learn during Christian counseling that will help with your mental well-being and spirituality. It is pertinent to note now that there are Christian mental health professionals who can help in all areas of Christian counseling.

Here are things you can learn during Christian counseling, which could be group or individual counseling

  • Christian counseling is faith-based, so during counseling sessions, you will learn different ways to work your faith.

  • Learn how to heal from past traumas with cognitive-based-therapy techniques and the bible

  • Find new ways to communicate better to the understanding of people around you

  • How to uplift the values of marriage and its sadness

  • How to increase better communication tactics within the family

  • How to resolve conflicts

  • How to heal and comfort someone who is in grief

  • Management of addictions like Sex, pornography, and substance intake.

  • How to use Bible verses to gain more experience with our spirituality.

If you find out that your counselor or phycologist or psychiatrist is not into Christian counseling then you can request that they point you to the direction of organizations that offer it or meet with your pastor or religious adviser in your church.

Challenges Addressed in Christian Counseling

As earlier said, Christian counseling consists of the use of secular cognitive behavioral therapy and faith-based techniques like preaching using the Bible or studying and practicing the Bible.

  • Mental health challenges: mental health challenges like depression, stress, and anxiety can be addressed in Christian counseling. The use of CBT, or solution-based therapy, is used during Christian counseling.

  • Marital challenges: Marriage challenges like infidelity, lack of communication, loss of job, etc. are challenges that prevent the institution of marriage from growing.

  • Abuse: physical and emotional abuse like rape, domestic violence, etc. can happen to an individual and destroy their self-esteem that they do not want to believe in God.

  • Church conflict: issues that arise in church and cause disunity among members are handled in Christian counseling.

  • Addiction: addictions such as pornography, substance use, and alcohol prevent one from actualizing true spirituality.

  • Anger: anger, bitterness, revenge, and an unforgiving heart blind one from being a good Christian.

  • Divorce: not all Christian churches preach divorce, instead, they suggest separation. Also, there are strategies employed by the church during Christian counseling on divorce.


For Christian counseling, professionals are either pastors in the church or mental health professionals that practice religious counseling. Also, there are some qualities that organizations practicing Christian counseling adopt to uplift the spirit and promote spirituality. Such qualities include empathy, confidentiality, active listening, non-judgmental, transparency, focusing on what the client is saying, etc.

These qualities will help Christians open up, trust, and speak out about their challenges without feeling insecure.

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